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Why Camp Lighthouse?

Summertime is awesome... for the first week. Then all too soon you hear the dreaded words from your child: "I'M BORED"

Bored just means there's a huge opportunity to do something great!

And YOU can take that opportunity to help your child reach their potential.

Your child will be coached through auditioning, memorizing lines, learning songs, practicing choreography, and performing a short musical. 

It will be absolutely impossible to be bored while learning so many skills and having so much fun with their brand new lifelong friends!

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​What will we be doing at camp?

Camp Lighthouse is an immersive theatre experience packed into just 5 days! We offer two types of camp: Musical in a Week Camp and Stage Crew Camp.

  1. Musical in a Week Camp: For kids age 7-14. Participants will read through their scripts on Monday, audition and receive their parts, learn music, dances, and lines, receive coaching, and prepare to perform by Friday afternoon. This format allows participants to learn thru each step of participating in a show: auditions, casting, rehearsal, memorization, costuming and props, blocking, and performance. Each day of camp will include activities and games focused on theatre skills and elements. Every camper will be cast in a role with speaking lines and songs. All campers will learn choreography for dances to the songs. Family and friends are invited to attend the free performance on Friday afternoon following camp.

  2. Stage Crew Camp: For kids 12-18. Participants will collaborate in set design and construction, costuming, and other backstage functions, as well as act as stage crew members for the “Musical in a Week” performances. Campers will be trained in tech functions for performances, such a lighting and sound, helping with mics, creating sequences for lighting, etc.

When will camp be held?

Camps will be offered during four weeks of summer, two in June (17-21, 24-28) and two in July (8-12, 15-19). There will be two sessions for each show and two Stage Crew Camp sessions, one for each musical. Each "Musical in a Week" session will have a 20 participant capacity, while Stage Crew has a 6 person limit per camp.

Who can attend camp?

Summer camps are intended to be an opportunity for actors of all ages, experience, and ability to participate in a production. Our other programs will be auditioned, which by nature means only a limited number of participants will be accepted. However, summer camps are open to all who would like to participate, register, and pay the registration fee, as long as we have space in the sessions. 

The only limit we place is age. Musical in a Week Camps are for kids ages 7-14. Stage Crew Camps are for kids ages 12-18.

**Because of the nature of camp, please consider your child's ability to pay attention, respect leaders and peers, learn and memorize parts before registering them for camp. This is not child care. We hope to provide an experience for all campers that they are excited about and proud of.

How much does camp cost? What is included in the fee?

Camp registration costs $200 per child. For you, this includes 5 days (6 hrs per day) of camp, provided script (not to keep), a camp shirt, a pizza party on Friday, and the performance. For us, this covers production costs, script/royalty fees, and set production, location rental fees, and contracted personnel compensation. Campers will likely be required to provide a base costume, with accessories and additional costume pieces provided. Please contact one of the board members if your child wants to participate but is inhibited by cost and we will do our best to work with you. Registering more than one child? Use discount code "SIBLINGS" to register 2 or more children from the same household and receive a 15% discount.

What do we need to bring to camp?

Campers need to bring their own lunch, snack, and waterbottle to camp each day (besides Friday, when we provide pizza, fruit, and juice). Campers can choose to bring some cash to camp, as we will have concessions available during lunch, as well as a special treat midweek. 


Can I attend any camp or are they organized by age? 

You are welcome to choose any session of camp that fits your schedule. All Musical-in-a-Week camps are for kids ages 7-14. Stage crew camps are for kids ages 12-18.

Can I sign up for more than one session of Camp Lighthouse?

Yes! Come as many times as you'd like! You can attend for one session of each show, or come more than once for the same show, if you'd like to try a new part! Each session has a separate registration fee. The GREAT news is that you get a MAJOR discount for your second week! Use discount code "COMEAGAIN" to get 35% off your second registration!

How long is camp?

All campers will attend camp for one week, M-F 9 am – 3 pm, with the final show occurring on Friday afternoon at 3:15 pm.

Where is Camp Lighthouse held?

All camps are held at Canvas at 1106 NW 10th St, Bentonville. 

Is Camp Lighthouse put on by Canvas?

No, we are renting Canvas to hold camp. Each camp is put on by Lower Lights Theatre Company, which is not affiliated with any church. However, we are so grateful for Canvas opening their doors to us!

Tell me about the show. Where is it? How long is it? How much does it cost to attend?

Each week will feature a free performance of the show the kids have been working on. These shows are open to the public. They will take place at the same location as camp. Doors will open at 3 pm, with the show beginning at 3:15. Each show will range from 45-60 minutes in length.

Will my teen in Stage Crew Camp be using any dangerous equipment?

Unless your teen is very creative in finding ways to be dangerous with ordinary objects, no. Anything deemed dangerous will be operated by adults over the age of 18 and participants will still be able to use cool stuff while keeping fingers safe.

​What shows are we doing this year?

We will be doing "We are Monsters" and "Imagine a Dragon" by Beat by Beat Press.. Read about these plays below! You can also listen to their soundtracks on Spotify or Amazon Music, and can even watch "We are Monsters" on YouTube (Imagine a Dragon is brand new, so there isn't a video of it yet!).

How can I register?

Just click the "Register Now" button below and you're all set!

Can I volunteer to help with camp?

YES! We LOVE LOVE LOVE parent volunteers!! We'll put you to work helping with a multitude of areas. If there's a specific area you're most interested in, please share! Contact Cheri at 320-318-1525 or to talk about details. There are benefits for volunteers, too...including free registration for your child!

We are Monsters

Musical in a Week

We Are Monsters is a hilarious new musical that follows human kids into a monster cabaret filled with quirky monster characters. The adventurous humans uncover vegetarian vampires and rock n’ roll werewolves, gradually realizing there may be more to these monsters than meets the eye! Most importantly these monsters and kids discover the importance of friendship and celebrating in the attributes that make each of us different and unique.

Camp #1

Imagine a Dragon

Musical in a Week

The dragon is back in town! Well… not really. That’s the story a ragtag band of innkeepers makes up, desperate to draw questing heroes to the struggling Dancing Dragon Inn. Soon the inn is full of unexpected guests, from an army of princesses out to prove their bravery, to a group of overwhelmed heroes trying to hold onto their fame. But what happens if they all discover the innkeepers’ dragon story is made up? Could there be more than one way to save the day? An epic folk-rock score brings magic to this funny, heartfelt fantasy musical.

Stage Crew Camp

Camp for teens ages 12-18

Do you love to create? Are you an artist? Do you like working behind the scenes? Do you want to be a part of a production but don't want to be on stage? Our Stage Crew Camp is the place for you! At this camp, you'll get to help build the sets, paint them, prepare props, work on lighting and sound, help with costumes and make the show a success! No show can happen without a great stage crew. There are two Stage Crew Camps, one for the first session of each show. The work these camps do will benefit all the remaining camp sessions.

Camp #2
Stage Crew Camp
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