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The Storyteller: Singing role. Female. Adult. Happy disposition. Can get flustered. She always tries to keep the story running smoothly despite the villagers’ constant interruptions.
The Pied Piper: Singing role. Male. Adult. A Glam Rock Star Musician. Something of a Russell Brand/Captain Jack/Marc Bolan/Keith Richards look about him. Mysterious, tall and willowy, lively and strange.
The Rat King: Singing role, Male. Adult. The Rat King of the Underworld. 1930s Mob boss. Suave and tall. Dangerous and dark. Captain Hook meets Don Corleone
Burgermeister Schmalz: Singing role. Male. Adult. The mayor of Hamelin. Portly, bumptious and vain. A sly politician. Henpecked by his wife.
Frau Schmalz: Singing role. Female. Adult. The mayor’s wife. Strong, loud, portly. Vain and dragon-like.
Herr Glocken: Singing role. Male. Adult. The clock seller. Gepetto/Einstein look about him. One of the clowns of the piece. Moustachioed, slightly foolish but rather sarcastic.

Herr Strudel: Singing role. Male. Adult. The baker. Rotund. Slightly dainty due to his love of theatre and romance. Eats as much as he sells. Clown of the piece as part of the trio of stall holders.
Frau Blumenkohl: Singing role. Female. Upper Teen/Adult. The grocer. Rebellious and forms the third in the clown trio. Quick witted, tall and can be quite hard-nosed.
Hans: Singing role. Male/Female. Playing age: No older than 11. The crippled boy. Small, weak and pale. He walks with a crutch. He is very much like Tiny Tim.
Scabs: Non-singing role. Male. Upper Teen/Adult. The Rat King’s henchman. Short and fat. Comedy foil to The Rat King. Always scratching and quite fidgety.
Ratzella: Non-singing role. Female. Upper Teen/Adult. The Rat King’s moll. Ditzy, dumb blonde flapper girl of the 1920s. Pretty and shapely.
Mike Boom: Non-singing role. Male. Adult. ‘Eye on Hamelin’ News Anchor. Vain and self-important.
Deirdre: Non-singing role. Female. Adult. A make-up girl. Quite dowdy, horn-rimmed glasses, librarian like and very sarcastic.
Silas P. Slopegutter: Non-singing role. Male. Adult. A rat catcher. Slimy, sly and dirty. A con man. Top hatted, melodrama villain. Seen better days. He is ‘of the gutter’. Cockney.
Etta: Non-singing role. Female. No older than 15. A village child. Caring, thoughtful and quite a leader.

Dieter: Non-singing role. Male/ Female. Played as a boy. No older than 14. A village child. Bit of a bully.
Councillor for Health and Safety: Singing Role. Male/Female. Played Male. Adult. An officious official. Well to do, well fed and well heeled. He wears a lab coat and goggles over his suit. He has a hazard sign on the back of his lab coat. He is rather jittery and has a cold.
Councillor for Education: Singing Role. Male/Female. Played Male. Adult. An officious official. Well to do, well fed and well heeled. He is tall and thin and wears a
mortar board and gown over his suit. He is strict and  severe.
Councillor for Finance: Singing Role. Male/Female. Played Male. Adult. An officious official. Well to do, well fed and well heeled. He is dressed as a banker with
bowler hat and briefcase. He is slimy and miserly.
Councillor for Housing: Singing Role. Male/Female. Played Male. Adult. An officious official. Well to do, well fed and well heeled. He is big and burly like a builder and carries tools of the trade, like hard hat and Hi-viz but suited.

Village Children/Teens: Various ages 8+, male/female.

Rats (Children): Various ages 8+, male/female

Calling all adults, teens, and kids (8+)!


Open auditions for performers ages 8+ on Monday July 22, Tuesday July 23, and Wednesday July 24 from 6 pm - 7:30 pm. Auditions will be held in the order you arrive.

Cast Size: There are 20 speaking roles, with a mix of singing and non-singing roles. All performers will sing in at least one group number, but if you are not a strong singer, there are still roles for you! There is room for an additional handful of children and rats for kids ages 8-17.

Roles: Roles are listed on the left. While ages are listed, they are suggestions only. We will cast according to best fit, regardless of age.


Acting: Click here for monologues. Choose one that you enjoy most, regardless of what role you are auditioning for. We will have you do readings of specific roles at auditions.

Singing: Prepare an excerpt from a song to sing that showcases your range and abilities. This is a great opportunity to show your musical theatre skills by choosing a song that requires you to be in character. (Not necessary, but recommended.)

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals begin August 6 and run until September 21. All rehearsals will be held at Canvas (1106 NW 10th St, Bentonville).

Tuesdays (8/6, 8/13, 8/20, 8/27, 9/3, 9/10, 9/17) @ 6:30-8:30 pm

Thursdays (8/8, 8/15, 8/22, 8/29, 9/5, 9/12, 9/19) @ 6:30-8:30 pm

Saturdays (8/10, 8/17, 8/24, 9/7, 9/14, 9/21) @ 9:30-Noon


Tech Week

Monday 9/24 @ 6 pm: Cue-to-Cue Act I

Tuesday 9/25 @ 6 pm: Cue-to-Cue Act II

Wednesday 9/26 @ 6 pm: Dress Rehearsal


Friday 9/27 @ 7 pm

Saturday 9/28 @ 2 pm 

Saturday 9/29 @ 7 pm

Performer Details

There will a fee of $75 per performer. This fee can be offset by securing a sponsor for the show for at least $75. Most costumes will be provided at no cost; however, there will be a few pieces that will be provided by performers. We also ask that each performer sell at least 10 tickets to the show.

Register for Auditions

You're all set! See you at auditions!

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