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Lower Lights Theatre Company Values and Standards

The ultimate goal of Lower Lights Theatre Company (LLTC) is to provide a morally safe, wholesome, and inclusive place for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to identify and develop their God given talents, and to use those talents to shine light in our community. In order to foster this uplifting environment, we expect all who participate with LLTC to agree to uphold these values and standards during these events and productions. 

Foundational Principles
Shine light by producing family friendly content.

As a family focused community theater, we want families to have the opportunity to attend theatrical and other performances together. We will strive to ensure family friendly presentations by selecting wholesome productions, scripts, plots, and overall content.

Shine light by speaking intentionally.

We expect all performers, volunteers, and leadership to refrain from using inappropriate language, including profanity and exclamations using God’s name inappropriately. We will not tolerate bullying, mocking, or hate speech. Repeated offenses will be cause for removal from the event/production.

Shine light by using our bodies respectfully.

How we dress and use our bodies contributes to the wholesome environment we aim to uphold. Therefore, we will choreograph dance moves in a way that are not suggestive or objectifying.

Costumes will cover the body respectfully and modifications will be made to make sure each performer feels modestly dressed. We expect all performers participating in a Lower Lights production to dress modestly for rehearsals and performances that are not costumed.

In regards to relationships, we will seek to uphold traditional family values.


In addition to these Standards Requirements, we also value ​balance and moderation. We believe Sunday should be for God and family, and therefore we will not be holding auditions, rehearsals, or performances on Sunday. ​Producing a high quality show will require time commitments, but we will strive to create rehearsal schedules that do not place too much strain on families. We will strive to keep all locations in the Bentonville, AR area (Bentonville, Rogers, Centerton, Bella Vista) in order to reduce drive times.


At the core of the mission of Lower Lights Theatre Company, a belief in God drives all aspects of the organization. Rehearsals and events will generally begin with prayer. While no specific religion or denominations beliefs will be preached, participants will be encouraged to use their divine talents to bless others and to shine light and goodness in the world.

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