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Tails of Hamelin


Friday 9/27 @ 7 pm

Saturday 9/28 @ 2 pm (Families & Students Performance)

Saturday 9/28 @ 7 pm

Online Ticket Prices

Child (2-12): $12

Adult (13+): $18

Matinee: $10

At the Door Ticket Prices

Child (2-17): $15

Adult (18+): $20

Matinee: $12

The Piper must be paid!

Story: Based on the mystery spurred by a cryptic inscription at a church in Hamelin, Germany in 1384, "It is 100 years since our children left." No explanation can be considered true, but from this event myth and folklore, as is often the case, grew. Amongst these tales, the most enduring is the tale of the rat infestation and the bargain the town strikes with the mysterious piper to rid them of the plague.

Credits: Book & Lyrics by Chris Blackwood, Music by Piers Chater Robinson

Run time: Approximately 2 hours, with a 15 minute intermission.

Audience: Appropriate for the whole family. Please consider your own child's ability to sit through a full length musical.

Parental Guidance: This rendition of the tale is lighthearted and witty, yet still teaches an important moral lesson ("Have integrity. Do what you say you'll do. Keep up your end of the bargain") without the dark feel that is often associated with this story. Still, the children are lured away by the piper after the town refuses to pay him. But never fear! The townspeople come to their senses and fulfill their end of the bargain and the children are returned in the end.

Children under 2: Babies in arms do not need a ticket. While you are welcome to bring children under 2 to sit on your lap, consider the recommendations under "Audience" as you make the decision to bring them.

Venue: This show will be performed at Canvas at 1106 NW 10th St, Bentonville. 

Parking: There is limited parking at Canvas. Please plan accordingly as you time your arrival. There is street parking available.

Concessions: We will have concessions available, specifically freeze dried candy and bottled water. Candy is provided by "Sisi's Sweets".

Families and Students Performance: Our Saturday matinee performance is geared towards families. No change will be made in the performance, but the price reflects a discount to allow for families to more easily afford a trip to the theater. There will likely be a lot of kids at this performance. Please consider this when you purchase your tickets.

Questions? Contact Cheri at 320-318-1525 or

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