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Braden Moore

Finance DIrector

I am an experienced Accounting Manager with over 14 years experience in accounting/finance industry in small business, public accounting, and non-profit. But my profession is not everything that defines me.

I am a dad and I love my family. My faith guides my every day path. I get strangely excited about Excel, creating spreadsheets and processes, and making things work better. I love strategies and finding solutions. Yes, I'm skilled in payroll, budgeting, accounting, tax, and financial reporting, as well as leadership, organization management, attention to detail, and process improvements. I am a licensed CPA and can learn whatever software an organization requires.

But what really makes me who I am is that I believe in working hard, doing my best, and holding myself to the highest standard of personal integrity while working to build and support the people around me.

Braden Moore
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