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This is where you order a Smile-Gram: a specifically designed shout out to your favorite performer! Smile-Grams are printed in the program of the event/performance as a fun way to support your performer from near or far. Parents, teachers, grandparents, mysteriously wealthy great-aunts, music teachers, coaches, and more can show their love regardless of whether they can attend the performance. What was once a program outlining the performance becomes a lifelong keepsake with your message inside! 


$10.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • A Smile-Gram is, at its core, a message of support to someone who is performing. It can be anonymous or you can sign your name to it. You can send it to your specific performer, any other person involved, or even the whole cast! You never know who is feeling extra nervous and can use a boost of good energy! It will be printed as words in the Smile-Gram section of the event's program. 

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