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Why Camp Lighthouse?

Summertime is awesome... for the first week. Then all too soon you hear the dreaded words from your child: "I'M BORED"

Bored just means there's a huge opportunity to do something great!

And YOU can take that opportunity to help your child reach their potential.

Your child will be coached through auditioning, memorizing lines, learning songs, practicing choreography, and performing a short musical. 

It will be absolutely impossible to be bored while learning so many skills and having so much fun with their brand new lifelong friends!

​What will we be doing at camp?

For our first summer camp season, we are offering two types of camp:

Camp Lighthouse (as well as Camp Lighthouse Jr.) is a "Musical in a Week" for children and youth where participants meet daily for a week to rehearse the selected show, with a performance for family members and friends at the conclusion of the last day. Every participant will be given a part and lines. Campers will read thru the script and audition for a part on Monday, receive cast assignments and begin rehearsals Tuesday, and work on lines, delivery, blocking, etc. until Friday afternoon, when they perform for a live audience.

“Stage Crew Camp” will be for teens to collaborate in set design and production and other backstage functions, as well as act as stage crew members for the “Musical in a Week” performances.


All campers will attend camp for one week, M-F 9 am – 3 pm, with the final show occurring on Friday afternoon at 3 pm. Shows will range from 30-45 minutes in length. Every camper in "Musical in a Week" will “audition” for a part, but every one will receive a part and at least one speaking line. This format allows participants to learn thru each step of participating in a show: auditions, casting, rehearsal, memorization, costuming and props, blocking, and performance.

In addition to preparing for the show, campers will participate in drama activities and team building games to create a positive and uplifting environment to feel a part of the whole. 

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